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With the introduction of EnerLogic® you no longer have to choose between window films that provide either a perfectly clear view or, alternatively, the highest energy savings. EnerLogic is top in both classes.

An uncompromising upgrade.

The installation of EnerLogic70 in your house can result in energy savings of up to 70%. To receive the same result with other film products your view might suffer. Whereas with EnerLogic70, the visible light transmission is three times as high as other, standard window films that achieve similar energy saving.

Window upgrade options Replacement EnerLogic® Screens/Shades
Winter energy savings
Summer energy savings
Payback less than 5 years possible
2 months to save more than the
carbon embedded in the product
Adds comfort
Protects furnishings
Maintains the view outside
No mechanical parts to break
Less disruptive to install
Less expensive to install
Conserves environment
Lowest costs with highest return

For each year of its lifetime 1 m2 of EnerLogic film can save enough energy to power 3 computers for a year.*

*Assumes 7.5 hours use a day and 260 working days per year.