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It is well known that window film can save significant amounts of energy. But until now it was thought as necessary to trade a reduced exterior view for improved solar performance. The new and award-winning EnerLogic® range can give you both – great insulation and a perfect view.

Performance in every respect.

EnerLogic35 and EnerLogic70 improve the performance of glazing systems in every respect. The low-emissivity properties of EnerLogic can deliver even greater energy savings than traditional spectrally selective window films with high visible light transmission. On top of that, they help provide comfort, protect interior furnishings from fading and maintain an unrestricted outside view. Virtually invisible, new EnerLogic70 is a revolution in window film technology. EnerLogic provides unparalleled glass-insulating capabilities. With its patent-pending low-e technology, EnerLogic probably has the best insulating performance of any window film available.

When you compare how much EnerLogic improves insulating performance compared to other film technologies, EnerLogic is in a class of its own.

EnerLogic keeps heat out during summer and locks heat in during winter – providing twice the insulation performance of traditional low-E window films. This can save a significant amount of energy and helps to protect the environment. With EnerLogic you help save costs and our planet.

Start reducing your energy costs now – with LLumar EnerLogic: the ideal balance of energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings – all-season, year-round.